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Otway Saffron

Otway Saffron is proud to bring you only fresh, pure, locally grown, hand-harvested saffron. Saffron truly is the most sought after spice in the world! According to Greek myth, the handsome mortal Crocos fell in love with the beautiful nymph Smilax. When she rebuffed his attention, he was turned into a beautiful purple saffron crocus flower!

Saffron is the stigmas – or threads – of the saffron crocus. Each flower contains only three of these delicate filaments, each measuring about 3 or 4 cm long. It takes about 200 flowers to obtain a single gram of saffron!

At Otway Saffron we hand-pick only the finest flowers – and then hand-harvest the threads – to produce our beautiful, bright orange-red saffron. Strongly perfumed, with an aroma of honey, our saffron beguiles the tastebuds with its complex and pungent flavours. Some people say that saffron tastes slightly bitter while still lending a semi-sweet taste to the dishes to which it is added; while others swear it tastes like the sea. For the most part, it is difficult to label the flavour of saffron, since its complexity is experienced by everyone a little differently.The only real way to find out what saffron tastes like is to try it yourself!

It’s commonly used in Spanish paella dishes, Italian risotto and festive Indian biryanis; and it combines well with fish and seafood.

Otway Saffron can be found at Jo’s Pantry in Colac

Locally grown Saffron-the King if Spices!
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