Pennyroyal - Lorne Hinterland, Great Ocean Rd. Victoria, Australia
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Otway Prime

Prime Grass-fed Beef and Lamb

Grass fed, Otways bred beef cattle

Otway Prime Beef & Lamb
Grass-fed beef and lamb, direct from the farmer, paddock to plate.

Otway Prime
Grown in Victoria's Otway Ranges.

Free ranged and grass fed. No lot feeding, no genetically modified stock feeds and no growth hormones.
Emphasis on stress minimisation and humane cattle handling.
Environmentally sustainable.

We border the Great Otway National Park and 25% of our farm is remnant forest and revegetated shelter belts which is beneficial for both stock and wildlife.
We maintain a low and sustainable stocking rate.
We also avoid chemical inputs and prioritise the use organic fertilisers.

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