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Otway Harvest Trail

Local Otways Food & Wine Producers Showcase

Producers and Accommodation providers in The Otways

The Otway Harvest Trail has been established to Showcase the produce and accommodation offerings of the Eastern Otways.

Otway Escapes is proud to be a member of the Group.

The Otway Harvest Trail is a celebration of the seasons that bestow their rich bounty on a luscious part of Victoria.

Spring is a time of plenty and promise. As the winter gives way to warm sunny days, see the bright patchwork of yellow canola fields appear, the farmers out mowing their grass and baling their hay and the spring lambs frolicking on a frosty morning. The first berries appear. Green shoots can be seen in the vineyards as the vines burst their buds and flowers and spring vegetables appear at farm gate stalls. New release wines can be found at cellar doors.

Summer is all about being outdoors. All the berry farms have opened and their sweet juicy berries are ripe for the picking. The lush emerald green of the vineyards become more distinctive as the land around slowly turns a golden brown. People clamour for outdoor tables and chairs at cafés and restaurants to soak in the warm days, mild evenings and glorious pastel sunsets. Local wines and beers go so well with the seafood, vegetables and fruits in plentiful supply. Wine lovers are welcomed at cellar doors and their curiosity is rewarded with the discovery of new wines.

Autumn is a time of harvest. The days become still and warm, and the crisp cool nights are perfect for sleeping. With the winter rains not far away, the wineries are busy harvesting their fruit and the vignerons hands become garnet red as they nurture the new wines through their ferment. It is also time to harvest the olives from their groves before the first frosts of winter arrive. Smell the fruity aroma of the extra virgin olive oil as it flows from the presses. The last of the berries are picked.

Winter is a time for taking stock of the seasons passed and making ready for the farming year ahead. The farmers plough their fields and sow their winter crops. Vineyards, olive groves and orchards are pruned and readied for a new season. Fences are mended. The days shorten and become colder. Cattle turn their backs to the wind. Dams spent over the summer begin to refill. Root vegetables appear at the farm gate stands. It’s a time for reflection and for savouring the joys of recently harvested produce. Lengthy conversations occur over bottles of wine in front of toasty log fires. Eventually the tell tale signs of another Spring begin to appear.

We believe that the unique combination of aspect, soils, climate and farming practices of the Otway hinterland produce distinctive and exceptional flavours in our produce that cannot be found anywhere else.

We invite you to discover this for yourself.

Wineries & Breweries - Fine wines from the Otways Hinterland

The"Geelong Wine Region" of Victoria is renowned for its first-class Pinot Noir wines, with a climate and terroir perfectly suited to that particular variety of grape. But the Otways Hinterland has such a diversity of climate and soils, a full range of red, white and sparkling wines are being produced.

The Otway Harvest Trail features a number of wineries offering highly regarded wines. Most have a cellar door with tastings, and several include food too. There are even breweries creating excellent beers and ales.

Be sure to check the opening times for a winery or brewery you plan to visit, as they are highly seasonal - but most will open for you by appointment.

Check the Food & Wine section of Otway Escapes tourism section for more information on local producers.

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