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Otway Escapes News

The Sunset, fully enclosed outdoor Kitchen. Otway Escapes Love Shack

We are delighted to anounce the opening (30th July 2018) of our new "Sunset Kitchen" kitchen at Otway Escapes Love Shack.

The kitchen will include an Induction Cooktop, Microwave oven, Refrigerator, Espresso Machine, Sink, Dishwasher and Granite Bar Table. All capturing the beautiful Otway Ranges and Otway Escapes views.

Images to follow.....

Spring at Otway Escapes

At Otway Escapes we champion the seasonal changes that occur before our eyes.

What a delight spring brings to our properties. Birdlife abounds and the beautiful indigenous plants and shrubs are blooming. The paddocks are drying out and the dams are brimming with beautiful fresh Otway’s water.

There is a “spring” in our step, which is shared by the magnificent Charolais and Angus cattle on our property.

With unlimited access to the farm our guests can share with the owners the delight in spotting a clutch of newly hatched Ducklings or witnessing the birth of calf. These friendly and unique animals share the space with us in a harmonious manner.

The large selection of native Grevilleas is the pride of the owners, displaying their varied foliage and blooms. Now is the time to appreciate the change of season.

Otway Escapes is delighted to welcome interested and adventurous guests over the Spring Season.

Innovative Western District Farmers

Built out of available machinery this timber saw is an amazing product if ingenuity

One never ceases to be amazed by the ability of man to create a solution to a problem.

Near to Pennyroyal is a fine example of a possibly mobile timber saw mill.

Created from a tractor, hydraulics and pulleys this is a remarkable solution to a problem utilizing available equipment.

Jezebel Butterflies, Callistemons and Grevillea's

Seasonal visitor following the flowers

With the appearance of the Jezebel Butterfly, this heralds in the change of season. 

Warmer weather and abundant flowers are the indicator for the insects to become active and enjoy the bounty of the Spring

Historic Abandoned Farms Buildings-Cororooke

Timber family house now abandoned

Just a short drive from Otways Escapes in Pennyroyal is some fine examples of abandoned farm houses and out building established by pioneering dairy farmers in the region.

These houses and out building may have supported many generations of farming families.

Cororooke is located on the volcanic plains in the foothills to the Otways near the town of Colac.

The area abounds in granite and volcanic rocks...why use timber to build?

A change of Season-Spring

Crimson pink bell flowers

What a thrill it ie too see the native Wildflowers bursting into bloom and brightening our day!

At Otway Escapes the blossom of the Wattle and Common Heath welcome the new season.

Spring Rains in The Otways

Upper Reaches

The earth is damp and the creeks and rivers are flowing vigorously.

This is a wonderful time of replenishment for the waterways and lakes in The Otway Ranges in Victoria

Otway Escapes, waterway The Mathews Creek and our two lakes are no exception...the sign of a wonderful upcoming summer

Birds at Otway Escapes

Since or first visit to The Otway Ranges area of Victoria our family has been captivated by the spectacular and varied Bird Life in our region.

Now, with the change of season and the forthcoming abundance of flowers, vegetation and Insects the Birds are returning for their spring / summer breeding. It’s an exciting and interesting time if you have a passion in Australian Birdlife.

Over the seasons we see the birds come and go subject to the availability of the most suitable foods for there existence. We are always cheered by the appearance of the red robins over the Winter months and entertained by the Honey Eating Birds and Parrots over the warmer months.

Our quiet and peaceful environment creates the ideal atmosphere to immerse yourself in the sounds and delights of the Australian Spring Bush.

Otway Escapes can offer a varied display of many birds (74 different species recorded to date ) for your visit to our unique and luxurious accommodation. 

National Wattle Day, 1st September

beautiful golden boughs of bloom

The Golden Wattles are in bloom in the Otways...a change of season.

Stevenson's Falls and Picnic Area-Barramunga

Spectacular sculptured stone face

A short twenty minute drive from Otway Escapes


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